12 reasons why you should go on Erasmus in Norway (in Bergen) !

Are you a student willing to go to an exchange program abroad? Is Bergen among the suggested destinations? Perfect! Here are all the reasons why you should choose this place in Norway!

1. The university

First of all, when applying to the university, communication with the Norwegian administration is pretty fast. Most of the time, you will have an answer to your questions the same or the next day.
You will have a lot of free time. Indeed, your courses will be charged with a lot of ECTS credits (10 to 15 in general)!

2. Breathtaking landscapes

You will be able to use that free time to enjoy Bergen’s fabulous sceneries. A city located on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by 7 mountains and opening on several breathtaking fjords. And, believe me, you will never grow tired of its beauty during the summer/fall and winter/spring change of seasons.

3. Opportunity to travel in Norway and Scandinavia

You will also be able to use your free time to travel around Norway or the neighbouring countries (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Poland) with cheap flight tickets.

4. Long days (spring/summer)

From April, days in Bergen start to get longer and are very long in May. The darkness at night does not go beyond the nautical twilight and barely lasts 4 hours. You will be able to start your hikes or anything at any time of the day.

5. Extraordinary meetings

In Norway, they say :

Once you make a Norwegian friend, it is a friend for life!

During this experience, you will meet unique people from all over the world. You will be surprised to see the sympathy and the kindness of some people.

Thus, learning to cook international dishes, spending memorable nights with people from 5 different countries and going on trips with them will become your daily life.


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6. Opportunity to improve your English level

If you can understand English but sometimes find it hard to express yourself, then it would be the perfect opportunity to practice the language.
Your university assignments and your conversations on many topics will help you learn new vocabulary. In the end, you will be surprised that you’d rather speak English than your native language!
If you are a native English speaker, you will be able to learn new languages. Not only Norwegian, but also French, German, Spanish or many others.

7. The national day, May 17th

A day you should not miss in Norway, and especially in Bergen, is the national day! A day where everyone is outside and lovely in the traditional costume.
You can join the parade or watch them walking down the street, participate in outdoor activities and spend the evening on the dance floor with all your friends!
What’s better to finish than fireworks shot from the city center with a stunning view of the highest mountain?

8. Opportunity to be fit

Norwegian people are very athletic. You will be surprised to see how many people wear sportswear in the street or how it’s common for them to run uphills in the mountains.
All of these will influence you to subscribe to the student gym (if not already done), take group classes and discover disciplines such as basisball, or suspension training.

9. The winter sports country (ski)

Still on the topic of sports, Norway is a reference for winter ones! If you love skiing, you will be able to be like many Norwegians in winter and go cross-country skiing to the highest mountain in the city. Also, you can go to one of the nearby ski resorts for downhill skiing as many times as you want!


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10. A human experience

In this new environment, far from your landmarks, with a different culture and another language, you will learn a lot about yourself and take a step back on your life. No matter where you go on exchange, it will be something unique and unforgettable. I would even like to say that every student must go on an exchange program at least once in his life.

11. The gateway to the fjords

Due to Bergen’s geographical location, you will have access to the longest fjord of the country (Sognefjord) but also the magnificent Hardanger fjord. These reasons are great opportunities to plan several road trips or cruises nearby.
Finally, the famous Trolltunga (troll’s tongue) hike is at 3-hour car drive from the city. Here there are plenty of excuses to saturate your phones with wonderful pictures to share with your loved ones!

12. Your Erasmus student status

Being an Erasmus student will give you a lot of advantages.
Indeed, you can benefit from financial grants, priority over student accommodation at unbeatable prices, student discounts (-50% on some cruises and transportation card). Also, if you are under 25, you can benefit from a 10% discount on your flight tickets with the Norwegian Airlines.
Many good plans you will have plenty of time to use during your stay.

Finally, here is a video that illustrates the Erasmus spirit quite well!

So, what are you waiting for?

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