5 useful mobile apps to download

During your student exchange in Bergen, some mobile apps will be handy in your everyday life. This article will, therefore, allow you to be one step ahead of your Erasmus stay in the city.
Here are 5 essential applications to add to your smartphone.



With mountains covering almost the whole country, and fjords along the coast, Norway has many transportation modes. Therefore, travelling a short distance will easily take you time and you may quickly have to use the seaway. In this context, here are 3 apps that will be of great help to you in planning your trips.

skyss logo1. Skyss

Skyss (pronounced [ʂʏs] “shiss”) is the public transportation services authority in Hordaland County, where Bergen is located.

The Skyss app will allow you to plan and organise trips from one place to another by light rail, bus or ferry.

Also, note the Skyss Billett app which will allow you to recharge or buy your passes directly on your smartphone.


Ruter2. will offer you real-time trips throughout Norway, unlike Skyss.

Moovit3. Moovit

You may already be familiar with this international mobile app, which is also another alternative to Skyss. Routes proposals are more diverse. It was useful to me in many situations in Bergen. However, I advise you to prioritise Skyss before using this one.


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With its 7 mountains, Bergen is the perfect city to hike as much as possible.


This app is the national reference for hiking trail proposals.

Its only drawback that could slow you down is the language. It is only in Norwegian.


Gaia5. Gaia

For those fleeing, its English-speaking counterpart: Gaia comes to the rescue!

I was able to test it during my Erasmus stay, and it works fine.


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As I told you in the 25 things to know before going on Erasmus in Bergen, this city is very rainy. So, to get an idea of the weather conditions for the upcoming days here is the reference application: :

Most Norwegians use

You can choose the language on the app settings.


If you know of any other useful applications, feel free to share them as comments 😉

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Sources : Erasmus Bergen.


  1. Mattilbud: shows special offers of several supermarkets
    Norwegian Customs App: You can check if you have something to declare before you enter the country.
    Norgeskart: Hiking trails
    Polar light: you can check if you can see northern lights. You’ll never miss them with this app.

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