Maïmouna Koné author - Erasmus Bergen

Having spent six months as an Erasmus student in Norway (Bergen) between January and June 2018 for my final studies, I couldn’t resist the charm of this country for its landscapes, culture, and the people I met there.
Being a web designer, I decided to create this website when I returned from this stay, on which I could help people willing to have this unique experience. Indeed, this country has given me love for mountains, hiking, sports, and nature.

Through the various articles I wrote here, I try to answer the multiple questions I asked myself before and during my exchange on the Scandinavian territory, but also all the things that I would have liked to know, like how to handle some situations better.

Not only do I think all students should go on Erasmus, but besides this, Bergen is one of the best destinations to achieve it!

Since I lived this experience from a French outlook, if you want to bring your testimonials (positive or negative) about your exchange to add to my perspectives, you are welcome (here)!

Thank you for your visit.

Maïmouna Koné

Erasmus Bergen | 2018.