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Fantoft is one of the first student housings you will hear about if you plan to go to Bergen for an exchange. Located more than 6 km from the city centre, it can accommodate up to 1300 people. Most of its occupants are international students. Thus, the “Erasmus atmosphere” reigns considerably in the social life of the residence.


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1. Accommodation

This student housing has every type of accommodation: studios, apartments for couples or families and shared flats at very competitive prices. A childcare centre has also been set up in the new Fantoft buildings.

Fantoft also has four types of blocks:

  • the old ones: : 4 blocks (E to H) where you can choose between apartments for 1 to 2 people,
  • the new “Fantoft TRE” buildings: 2 blocks (R and S) connected by a footbridge on the last floor. There, you can share a kitchen with 7 to 15 people. However, if you are in the latter case (with 15 people), you will have to share your bedroom and bathroom with another person. Read the article : Forced room sharing at Fantoft is unfair, says UiB professor.
  • the recently renovated buildings : 4 blocks (A to D) including 2 (A and B) under renovation with the same configuration as the new buildings without the option of sharing at 16.
  • Bloc N (very limited places) : located in the residence centre only with apartments.

Here is what the new and old buildings look like:

Fantoft TRE
New Fantoft TRE buildings
Old buildings

The advantages of Fantoft TRE’s buildings are that they are new, well insulated from the cold (unlike the old ones), and furnished (dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, oven and kitchenware). All you need to buy is your bed linen.
People choose the old blocks especially for the rent cost, and the N block is a compromise between the old and new buildings.

For a detailed overview of Fantoft accommodations, visit SIB housing.

Good to know: : If you arrive early enough in Bergen, SIB may give you the opportunity to choose your room in Fantoft. If so, select one with the window on the courtyard side that will give you this view of Løvstakken, one of 7 mountains in Bergen:


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2. Useful and social spaces

Klubb Fantoft

The biggest gathering place in the residence is the Klubb Fantoft where pre-parties, parties, giant meals or board games competitions will usually take place.

Self-service is open from 10 am to 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and from 10 am to midnight on the other days.

Here is a video that will introduce you to the Klubb in detail.

Blocks R/S rooftop and common kitchen

The Fantoft TRE buildings offer their inhabitants an additional common kitchen on the last floor but also an open rooftop just in front of it that you could use on sunny days for barbecues, for example.

Sports hall

Fantoft gym

A gym is available in front of the residence. There, you can work out, participate in training/exercise sessions or relax in the sauna.

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Laundry room

Fantoft has two laundry rooms:

  • one in the G building (old block) where you will have to put your own detergent and pay 150 NOK (1.50€) for your machine.
  • one in R building (new block) where the detergent is directly included, and you will have to pay 250 NOK (2.50€).

You can also reload your pass online and book washing machines.

Meny Supermarket


Lastly, a Meny supermarket (fairly large size) is located just in front of Fantoft. You can do all your grocery shopping there, but prices are excessively high. If you want to save money, other options are available but not as conveniently located.

Social networks

Fantoft has two facebook pages: Tenants Union Fantoft 2018 and Fantoft Events 2018 but also a Facebook group to communicate and learn about what is happening in the residence.
You can also buy and resell equipment on Fantoft Market.

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3. Meetings


According to SIB 2012 statistics, 30% of Fantoft occupants were Norwegians. From what I noticed, during my exchange (in 2018), most of them lived alone.

If your main purpose through this exchange is to meet Norwegian people, you should choose another place to live (Read “I never met Norwegians). However, these circumstances will not prevent you from meeting amazing people. Many people who lived there, including myself, loved their experience. The lack of contact with the locals can be remedied by becoming involved in social life.


The negatives of Fantoft

The main disadvantage of this place is the fact that it is quite far from the city centre (6.5 km). Therefore, you will have to pay a transportation card to take the Bybanen (light rail). It takes 17 minutes to reach Bergen centre, plus a 10 minute walk to get to the university. If on a weekday evening you do not want to walk for an hour and a half to get home, you should not delay after 1 am because that is the time when the last Bybanen passes.

What do Norwegians think about Fantoft?

This residence, with its eponymous Bybanen stop, is called the “student town” because it is quite isolated. Apart from going to classes, students do not really need to leave this place because everything is at their disposal.
This place is also considered too noisy, and festive (Fantoft resident needed to stay in a Bergen hostel to get enough sleep). It is not uncommon for the fire alarm to ring at night.

Despite these negatives, Fantoft remains a warm and friendly place for international meetings. I met Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Irish, Italians, Spanish, Australians, Canadians, Mexicans, Ghanaians, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Greeks and many other nationalities there… Regardless of its location, in the end, many students living closer to the city centre came for pre-parties or to other gatherings at the Klubb.


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  1. Hi
    I have been allotted a single room accommodation. Can sammen allow me to sublet my room in order to allow my friend to move in with me?

    1. Hello I’m sorry I don’t know about that. You should try to send them an email, they answer really fastly !

  2. Hi,
    II am an exchange student. I have been allotted a single room. Incase I want to sublet my accommodation and allow a friend (also an exchange student) to move in with me, does sammen has an objection to it? Or does it usually gives permission?

  3. Hi! I was unable to get accomodation at Fantoft TRE via Sammen 🙁
    But I would really like to put up here for my exchange during August 2019 to December, 2019. Is there any other housing website that I can book it from?

  4. Hi!
    First of all, thanks for your blog is a great help for those who are about to leave.
    I have a question, on the Sammen website it does not put the block that belongs to each type of apartment, is there any way to know it? do you have opinions about alrek or other accommodation? And lastly, if a friend comes to visit you can he sleep with you in the residence? is there any fee for it?

    1. Hi Laura ! Thank you for your comment !
      There are various type of apartment in every block. And some buildings have been renovated so I am not sure that the housing choices are the same as before. You should send them an email, they answer really fastly.
      I have never been to Alrek but I had some friends who didn’t like it at all and wanted to come to Fantoft because there were a better atmosphere (parties…) and a lot more people.
      If you don’t study at UiB, Hatleberg can be nice for you and the view is amazing !
      And yes your friend can sleep at your place for 8 days at the most. Read this article

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