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For students, good deals may be an integral part of your life in the country where you currently live. Some discounts you maybe used to have may not be available in Norway, while others will always be available. Here is an article gathering all the good deals that will help you enjoy your exchange in Bergen while saving money.



This is a mobile app available on Android and iOS. It contains all ongoing special offers in Norwegian supermarkets. Very useful, it will help you save money and enjoy your shopping!


Too Good to go logoToo Good To Go

Here is another essential app that you probably already know. Indeed, Too Good To Go exists in many countries. It will allow you to collect remaining food from retailers, preventing waste at very attractive prices!

The app is also available on Andoid and iOS.


skyss logo

Hordaland transportation card offers a 55% discount for young people

If you are lucky enough to go on Erasmus in Bergen before your 21st birthday, you can take advantage of the 15% discount on public transportation card (in addition to the 40% discount for students). Thus, instead of paying about 50€/month, you will pay 40€/month. On top of that, your subscription will extend over the whole Hordaland county instead of just Bergen. This news may offset the one about entrance into club prohibited to people under 20.


Facebook groups

Facebook groups not to miss

In order not to miss out on interesting ads, I advise you to activate Facebook alerts for any future publication in the following groups:


Bergen card

Bergen Card

The Bergen Card will allow you to visit museums and other touristic places but also to travel in the city and its zone for free for 24 hours (23€), 48 hours (30€) or 72 hours (36€). You will also be entitled to discounts in some restaurants, tourist activities and more.

More informations here.


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Hiking equipment rental

BSI Friluft

With BSI Friluft, your student status will allow you to rent hiking and skiing equipment at meagre prices. A cabin located in Hallingskeid (Kreklingbu) is also available for rent.

Tenants Union Fantoft 2018

Fantoft residence rental office via T.U Union will provide you with a multitude of equipment such as air mattresses, tents and more at very low prices.


ESN itnl logo

ESN Bergen

If you choose to volunteer at ESN Bergen, you can enjoy some benefits such as:

ESN card (50 NOK for non-volunteers), thanks to which you will get price discounts on beer in some bars or car rental with Sixt. More information here.
Partial travel funding (Lapland, Lofoten Islands…) if you are recruited as a trip leader.
ESN Parties: between volunteers.



You probably know that in Norway alcohol is quite expensive, so here are some cost-effective solutions for beer:

  • Ølpriser : A mobile app that will give you beer prices comparison in bars.
  • Recycling: You can get 1 NOK back per recycled can at supermarkets’ entrance.



Food and drink

If you ever feel like eating out at low prices:
• Waffles: Enjoy freshly prepared waffles every Sunday at Trikken 06 Pub.
• A bit hungry? Enjoy the hamburger at 20 NOK (2€) at McDonald’s.
Restaurant : Special Kafe where prices are quite affordable.
• Coffeeat 20 NOK for students at the Akademiske Kvarter.



KODE is the Museum of Arts and Designs not to miss. It’s free for art students at the University of Bergen and half price (60 NOK) for other pupils.

Norwegian air logo

Norwegian Airlines: If you are under 26, you can take advantage of 10% discount on your flight tickets in Norway and other Nordic countries. Use the coupon code “UNDER26.”


Leieting: Daily rental site. From photo equipment, to cars and hiking bags, you will find everything on this website.

Finn Classified ads site where you can even find job offers.


Tise: A mobile app where you can buy second-hand items.


  • Here is a comparison of prepaid mobile offers.
  • USF (cultural centre): Located in the city centre where you can watch old movies at low prices.

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If you have other good deals in Bergen, feel free to share them in comments;)


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