Student housing in Bergen

Before arriving in Bergen, you will have to choose your future home. Whether it’s alone or in a shared apartment, your decision will rule your student life and the future encounters you’re going to have.


Please note that this article has no official scope and is only the result of my experience in finding student accommodation in Bergen.

Housing solutions

Student Welfare Organisaton


Sammen via SIB (the Student Welfare Organisation) offers several housing options in different places in the city. Most of the time, international students are accommodated in Fantoft.

For those who will study at the University of Bergen (UiB), if you choose housing closer to the city centre (where there shall be more Norwegian people), your application may be refused due to the high demand. Besides, these accommodations are usually for students who stay in Bergen longer than you.

Students on an exchange programme are guaranteed student housing. However, they tend to end up in Fantoft due to the high moving out rate every semester.

The other residences where you can apply are Hatleberg (close to the Norwegian School of Economics and the Bergen School of Architecture), Løbergsveien, Gyledenpris or Alrek (some students felt more integrated there than if they would have been in Fantoft). I also met some international students living in that place who regretted not living in Fantoft. It really depends on preference and what you want. Nonetheless, if you categorically do not want to be in Fantoft, then insist by specifying it to Sammen when applying for your housing.

For an overview of the different student housings offered by Sammen, visit SiB Housing.


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Hybel and Finn

Hybel & Finn

If you want to have full control over your accommodation choice (with higher prices), check out and, where you can get an overview of your future home and its people. You can also chat with them online.

If you want to be completely immersed in the Norwegian culture, you can choose to live with locals.

Another option is to sublease a room from a Norwegian student going on an exchange during the same period as you. However, be sure to sign a lease agreement where all three parties (owner, tenant and sub-tenant) are well presented to not fall outside the law.

Facebook groups of Norwegian students

The ads on Facebook groups like UiB – Børs – Kjøp/selg bøker, Billetter og annet and NHH – Kjøp og salg can also be another solution for you.


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 Furnishing your accommodation


You have many options regarding your home equipment. Whether your place of stay is furnished or not, you will have to buy your bed linen. For that, the more convenient solution is Ikea.

About furniture, here are some solutions classified by increasing price:

  • Garage sale at Fantoft : Every new semester, Fantoft Tenants Union sells small amounts of furniture from former students who left the residence.
  • Fantoft and Alrek market : These are Facebook groups with 500 to 3000 students where you can buy second-hand home equipment at low prices.
  • : On this website, you will find all kinds of ads from individuals and professionals. However, you may have to do your research in Norwegian and may have to travel to non-transport-friendly places to get your merchandise.
  • Ikea : There are free buses that shuttle to Ikea every hour in Bergen. There, you can get your equipment at the right price.
  • Lagunen, Vestkanten or Bergen Storsenter : These are shopping malls.

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Parties and Securitas

Parties & Securitas

Be aware that there are precise instructions about neighbourhood noise. For example, on weekdays you are not allowed to make any noise after 11 PM.

Regarding the rooftop (at Fantoft): In case of noisy parties exceeding the time allowed and repeated warnings from Sammen, access after a defined time (usually 7 or 9 PM) will be prohibited until the end of the semester. The same rule applies to the extra common kitchen.

If you do not follow these instructions, you will have to pay a fine (which starts from 100€), which is added to your rent. It will be issued by Securitas (read the last page of Welcome by Sammen).


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Mini FAQ

Is housing people in homes allowed?

Yes, but for no more than 10 days in a row with SIB.

As it’s cold in Norway, what about heating in accommodations?

I could only answer you for Fantoft and assure you that the “TRE” buildings are very well insulated, you can regulate your heating up to more than 30°C. On the other hand, many people complain about inefficient heating in older buildings, and often buy an additional heater in second hand.

Is the WiFi included in the rent?

With SIB, yes, and for everyone’s pleasure. There is high-speed internet at Fantoft.


Anything else to know?

It’s good to know that most of the bathrooms I have seen in Scandinavia have Italian showers.

You should also know that in Norway the ground floor is the 1st floor.

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