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Here is a summary of all of the web resources to follow or that could be useful during your Erasmus in Bergen. All the links in this article will take you to English-language websites unless a flag (🇫🇷 or 🇳🇴) appears beforehand.



Here is a list of useful links to add to your bookmarks.

If you are eager for more links, here is a big list: Norway blogs.


Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a good way to stay informed about student news and what’s happening in Bergen. You can also find good deals.


These groups can be very useful for searching for specific information.

  • Bergen Expats Classifieds : A group that includes all English-speaking expatriates in Bergen.
  • Bergen Expats : Group open to expatriates living or planning to settle in Bergen.
  • Norway Expats : A group to help new permanent or seasonal expatriates living in Norway.

Second hand

Here is a list of Facebook groups where you can buy or resell equipment.


Facebook groups

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Facebook Pages


  • ESN Norway : Erasmus Student Network Norway, official page. Dedicated to all students in the 8 local sections of the country.
  • SSL Bergen : Organisation preparing several student events including the Carnival Cruise.
  • ISU : An organisation with the mission to improve the stay of international students in Bergen through social and cultural activities extended to Norway.
  • Studvest – Student News in English : Facebook page linked to the student news site.
  • Study in Norway : Page of the eponymous website providing information on all study opportunities in Norway.


  • Sammen : Official Sammen page. Sometimes there are paid student missions for events.
  • NHH : Official page of the 1st Norwegian Business School.
  • Universitetet i Bergen : Université of Bergen.

Instagram accounts


If you use Instagram frequently, you may want to follow these account suggestions:

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If you would like to have the point of view of expatriates living in the country, here are some channels for you:


Si vous préférez le point de vue d’expatriés vivant dans le pays, voici quelques chaînes pour vous :

  • 🇫🇷 ElvieTravels : Former French Erasmus student in Oslo.
  • Mon Amie : Portuguese woman who moved to Norway after being an Erasmus student in Trondheim.
  • Everdaters : A couple from Poland who has lived in several countries around the world.
  • Sarita Robert : French-Kenyan woman now living in Norway.

If you know of any other useful accounts or sites, feel free to share them as comments;)


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